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Name Address TEL/FAX
8-41, 4-chome, Yasuda-ward, Osaka-city, 538-0032, JAPAN TEL: 06-6913‐2210
FAX: 06‐6913‐0421
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*We deal with the sales of producing material for fruit etc.
and the shipping material to anywhere in Japan.
*Please feel free to contact us.
Name Address TEL/FAX
Tokyo Gouseishi
Saitama pref., 340-0046, JAPAN
TEL: 048-951-3655
FAX: 048-951-3477
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 *We especially welcome people in Kyushu area.
Name Address TEL/FAX
Co., Ltd.
1983, Niijyuku,
Takahata-machi, HigashiOkitama-gun,
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*We are the manufacture, sales, wholesale company of soil improvement material
"SUN LA TERRLE" which is the mercy of the nature and gift from the Earth.
* It is the 2:1 type soil improvement material, dacite(the natural secondary
clay mineral green sludge which has changed into the montmorillonite.
* We are widely dealing with market in the Kanto- Koshinetsu, Toukai,
Kinki and Chugoku regions in Japan.
Name Address TEL/FAX
Morimoto Syoukai
Co., Ltd.
567-8, Naimura-tyo,
Hamada-shi, Shimane-ken,
697-1331, Japan
TEL : 0855-27-1940
FAX : 0855-27-1958
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* We are dealing with various packaging material and wrapping associated equipments
* Let us handle any wrapping equipments which “wrap trust and security”.
* Please feel free to make inquiries by telephone, fax or e-mail.