Pictures Show Growing Condition with SKIRT


Cladding-Material for Growing with the Fence
( Material for the Matting Agriculture )


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cladding-material sales and so on.
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Preventive effect can be expected for diseases
caused by rain, steam oriented mold, propagation
of germs, the bird damage etc.


Growing Test
Test site: Nagano, Aomori and Hokkaidou


This is the material used only for the fruit and
leaves around. (skirt shape)It is not only
matting to the upper part of the shelf.


The greenhouse effect can be expected by the
air stream in the sheet with lots of holes for
the air streaming.


Causing temperature differences enables
quality improvement for growing fruit outdoors.


【 Greenhouse Effect in case of Outdoor Growing 】

If you are thinking about using it,
we recommend you challenge it by all means!


At first, begining from a few tests and seeing
the result would be appreciated.

It contributes to the measure against global warming.


According to the weather or growing condition,
you might not get the expected effect.
Please use it under consideration.