Characteristics(Macromolecule Test,Observed data by Evaluation Center)

Perforating Technology (Customized Processing)

Technology for Perforating Simple Plastic Film or Compound Material.
Two conventional methods could be applied for perforation;
one is heat melting method and another is the heat needle method.
Heat Melting Method ・・・Kikou Type I & II
Hole diameter ranges from100micron to 500micron.
Heat Needle Method・・・B Kokou with five different patterns
Hole diameter ranges from250micron to 1.5mm

K- Marimo Technology (Customized Processing on Demand)

Compound Materials with Other Kind
Pasting-together Technology with Perforated Holes
(Non-woven textile, paper etc.,)
  Our technology provides materials with air-pervious, water-pervious
  and heat-shield characteristics. .




Technology to manufacture gas-permeable material (Marketing Products) 

Marimo-Micron Technology( Drip-barrier & gas-permeable peel material)
Micron H10MS/Nicron H10 MII/Marimo Micron5
Material manufactured with our technology could be used as gas-permeable lid or bag
with no liquid leaking problem by covering the perforated holes with membrane.
PETcontainer, PPcontainer, PS container, Paper container


Perforating Technology

There are two conventional methods to apply perforates on material:
the heat melting method,and the heat needle method.
Perforating quality is determined by size, pitch, and alignment.
Especially in the micromillimeter scope, superior perforating requires
precision machining with highly-defined systems.