Corporate Profile


Corporate Name
Nidaiki Coporation


Yamada Ohki (Representative Director, President)


Head Office Location
111-1, 4-chome, Motomachi, Komaki City,
Aichi Prefecture, 485-0039, JAPAN


TEL:0568-76-4028     FAX:0568-76-4017


Established in July, 1985 ( Showa 60 )

Business Items


Perforated Film Processing
Heat Lamination Processing with Micron Holes
Planning, Product Development, Entrusted Production
Associated with Perforation Engineerings

※ Intake Compound Material
※ Air-pervious Compound Material
※ Water-pervious Compound Material
※ Gas-permeable Compound Material

Outline of Our Products


Gas-permeable Material ( Marimo Micron )
:Manufacturing and Sales


Transparent Bag (BIKOO) for Protecting Agricultural
Products : Manufaturing and Sales

Protection Sheet (SKIRT )
for the Fence-growing Agricultural Products

Technology for Perforation, Simple Plastic Film or Compound Material.