Bikoo Bag is the protection bag for farm products


BIKOO is one of our products distributed
from the selected agents.


PCT(Patent Cooperation Treaty)No.4237141
Bikoo is the protection bag used in marsupial growing.

Using the transparent film (two axis ranging
polypropylene), Bikoo is the bag with numerous
micro- unit minute holes.
It enables the air move inside the bag.
With the capability of ultrafine water passing
and air permeability, it keeps inner bag rather
dry without being steamed.


Growing condition can be confirmed at any time
through the bag. Bikoo offers a great benefit in
the prevention of the small-sized bird damage,
or the slips harm.


As the growing protection, it can be used for various
breed (fruit, vegetables, flowers etc.) such as grapes,
pears, figs, peaches, apples, mangos and so on.


We can provide various kind of sizes as listed below.


BIKOO is printable and available with bar code.

Convenient stopper is attached on each bag.